CBD Rich Liquid Shatter Vape Cartridge

Strain: Yummy

Liquid Shatter is unique among concentrate products that have been offered in vape cartridges thus far in the Massachusetts market. Through a proprietary process developed by our in-house chemists, we are able to take our high quality shatter, sauce, and crumble dabbing products and decarboxylate them such that the original terpene profile of the plant is carried through the full production process. This allows us to go from solid crystals of non-psychoactive THC-A to psychoactive liquid THC cannabis oil. Specifically, a liquid THC oil that retains the original flavor/terpene profile of the plant the product came from without addition of any additional terpenes, flavors or cutting agents.

Liquid Shatter is not a distillate product! It is a full-spectrum cannabis oil that retains all the beneficial properties and components of the original plant while providing a clean taste and vaping experience. We here at Sanctuary’s lab like to think of it as Dabs on Demand.