Our Transdermal Gel consists of our full spectrum Liquid Shatter and proprietary essential oil blend infused into a silicone-based gel containing pharmaceutical grade permeation enhancers. These permeation enhancers help drag all the cannabinoids from our full spectrum Liquid Shatter across the usually impermeable skin barrier for dosing directly into inflamed joints and muscles.The 3:4 ratio of full spectrum THC to CBD in our Transdermal Gel is a perfect mix for relieving joint and muscle inflammation, and is an extremely popular product with our arthritic patients. Some patients have even reported success with treating menstrual pain!

The roll-on version of our transdermal gel contains the same effective formulation with slightly more sunflower oil to allow for flow around a stainless steel roller ball, allowing our patients a more portable option for easily applying a directed dose to problem areas.