At ACS, we make FSO using Supercritical CO2 to produce a cannabis rich product with transparent lab analytics ensuring its safety and potency before being sold to patients. RSO is sold in a syringe style applicator to limit oxidation, prolonging its shelf life, and providing measurements for an accurate dose. Thicker than grade A maple syrup, RSOs dark amber appearance brings attention to its abundance as a highly potent form of medication. With no known toxic dose, cannabis novice patients are recommended to start at a low dose to prevent over medicating or discomfort from THC intoxication. Patients are recommended to start at a low dose, such as 2.5mg – 5mg of THC, and slowly adjust their dose, overtime, to reach their desired effect. For ingestion, a ½ rice grain amount of RSO is a good starting point and can be placed under the tongue or on the gum-line. Due to the nature of this full spectrum oil, some patients find medicating with straight RSO sticky or distasteful. With laboratory testing on all product packaging, RSO can be infused in a lipid, such as butter or coconut oil and incorporated into most home recipes. By calculating the amount of RSO in each serving, patients can curate their desired dose in a shelf stable form complimentary to their needs and dietary restrictions.