RISE 1:1:1 Tincture is formulated with 100% hemp seed oil and with equal parts of THC, CBD, and THCA. Each bottle is made with 500mg total cannabinoids (166mg THC, 166mg CBD, 166mg THCA), and contains 30mL of tincture with 1 serving being equal to 1mL (1 full dropper) that will provide 5.55mg THC, 5.55mg CBD, and 5.55mg THCA. Each dropper is metered to allow for accurate dosing every single time. RISE 1:1:1 tincture does not contain any nut oil and is the only tincture currently available made with hemp seed oil (refined/golden) to offer a 100% cannabis based tincture.

RISE remains focused on making a positive impact in the lives of people through continuous research efforts, the development of innovative medicines, and characterization of disease specific cannabis-based treatment plans. We are committed to being the leader in medicinal cannabis, and are dedicated to shaping the future of the industry by providing clinically relevant alternative wellness options.