Get a restful night’s sleep with a gentle CBD-dominant medicine. Supported by sleep-promoting terpenes, Pure Sleep provides a harmonious, natural sense of relaxation in a minty fast-acting, melt under-the-tongue tablet.


Pure Sleep is Non-addictive and safe for nightly use.

There is no high in the world like helping someone you care about manage pain. Help us spread the word to your mother, aunt, grandfather or pastor that there exists safe anxiety and pain relief from medical cannabis you don’t have to smoke, vape, or eat.


You know cannabis works for you. All the arguments in the world fall apart when faced with something that simply works. Fast acting buzz-free tablets are what medical cannabis is supposed to be.


Years of clinical trial research has yielded precise, tolerance resistant dosing and symptom-specific formulations you can use daily or as-needed. Get near-immediate relief in safe micro-doses for anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, IBD, crohn’s, sleep issues, even menstrual pain, migraines, and more. This is cannabis as medicine.


Melts under your tongue. Acts in minutes and lasts for hours. Safe for daily medicinal relief.