Our tinctures are made with high quality MCT oil and full spectrum Liquid Shatter cannabis oil. Quick and accurate to dose, our tinctures allow our patients to easily medicate with a full spectrum cannabis product, or even turn any home cooked meal into an edible!

CBD (Yummy) 15ML

Number of Servings; 15 Servings of 1ML Serving

Mg. Per Serving;

CBD: 11.69mg Per ML Serving

CBDV: 0.103mg Per ML Serving

CBG: 0.159mg Per ML Serving

CBC: 0.423mg Per ML Serving

THC: 0.441mg Per ML Serving

TAC: 12.825mg Per ML Serving

Ingredients; MCT Oil, Cannabis Extract

Allergens; This product was made in a facility that contains nuts.