Horace is a fruity, sativa-dominant hybrid developed by California-based growers Swamp Boys Seeds. A cross between Banana OG and Swamp Boys’ proprietary Nigerian sativa landrace, this strain offers dynamic, long-lasting effects. Its plants are also exceptionally high yielders when grown correctly. Horace’s THC content has been measured at high levels of between 25% and 30%. Horace’s flower are visually impressive, standing out with a medium to large size and an elongated conical shape. They have a seemingly hybridized internal structure, with the solid, tightly-packed core often seen in indicas but a fluffy, sativa-like appearance at their outer edges. The long, feathery leaves are a dark shade of forest green, with some phenotypes mixing in shades of dark blue or purple as well. Finally, curly, rust-colored pistils and translucent white trichomes finish off these vivid buds. A first whiff of Horace’s buds may pick up on some fruity notes, including a possible banana aroma passed on from parent strain Banana OG. A closer inspection might detect some hints of tropical citrus as well. When the flowers are ground up or broken apart, meanwhile they can release more of a skunky, almost fermented odor. Burning them gives off a sour smoke that’s nevertheless easy on the lungs. On the exhale, this smoke has a simultaneously skunky and fruity flavor.