Game Changer is an indica dominant strain with a 60:40 indica/ sativa ratio. It is a cross between Purple Dragon and Green Thai, which creates an amazing 21.2 THC content along with 0.63% CBD level that does more than lift your spirits. The genetic fusion between the aforementioned strains explains why it has hues of vibrant purple and greens all the while offering a tropical fruit and grape aroma. Regardless of the time of the day, Game Changer will exceed your expectations and tastes like fruity pebbles. The strain offers an exquisite high that will keep you coming back for more without any regrets whatsoever. Apart from packing a solid punch, it is a total treat for individuals who are looking to uplift their mood. But what is really interesting about the strain is that it will keep you clear headed without having to deal with any of the usual couch-locks or exhaustion. This not only makes it a well-balanced hybrid but it is perfect for daytime use as well. The strain does live up to its name and is used by patients to counter medical conditions like autism, depression, anxiety, seizures, chronic pains, anorexia and even ADHD.