Rise Holdings: The Feel Collection. “Feel Energized” Tincture. 15ml. Sativa. Total THC: 91.40 0.5 dose contains roughly 3.05mg THC, 30 doses per bottle. Contains organic coffee rich in anti-oxidants, tangerine peel and absolute vanilla or as we like to call it, the triple threat of creativity-boosting goodness. Patients Report: • Increased energy • Creativity • Feelings of euphoria • Boost in mood Consider For: • Fatigue • Depression • Lack of motivation Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. They’re a great entry point for both recreational and medical consumers looking to ease into smokeless consumption methods. RISE believes that cannabis is for everyone. And no matter your lifestyle or level of wellness, there is a way for this humble plant to improve your well-being. That’s why making you comfortable and helping you feel informed is the foundation of every RISE store experience.