BR’s extraction team takes pride in offering superior quality concentrates. Utilizing ethanol (solvent) extraction to make EHO, we are able to capture an array of Terpenes and active Cannabinoids. Classifiication: Sativa Breeder: Ice River Genetics Lineage: Death Star (Sativa Dominant Hybrid) X Krystal Jo (Chem 4-Indica Dominant Hybrid) Aroma/Flavor: Grapefruit with some piney undertones and citrus, sweet, astringent, smooth inhale. Patient’s Report: Good for day time use. Euphoric with a head and body high, clear headed and focusing, and energizing. Can have a slow onset. Test results may vary. Extraction Method: EHO Delivery Method: Inhalation Average Onset: 1-5 Minutes Average Duration: 1-4 Hours Starting Dose: 1 Puff