Cookies & Cream by Nature’s Remedy is now available in Cannagar form! Hybrid (50/50). Starfighter x GSC Petrol, Skunky, Creamy. TAC: 17.5% THC: 16.3% CBD: 0% Yamna, the second licensed Recreational Microbusiness in the state of Massachusetts was founded by two young cannabis entrepreneurs who started the company to make a difference in the industry. Today, they are proud to present the first non-tobacco cannabis cigar or “Cannagar” to the Massachusetts marketplace. Each Cannagar is handmade with a palm leaf wrap, corn husk filter, and 24k gold inlay on the cannacigar tip. Yamna’s Cannagars are tightly packed with a hollow center to provide precise airflow, even burn, and natural flavor. The cannabis material used in each Cannagar, two full grams of premium cannabis, is densely packed bud free of trim or shake, creating the first high end pre rolled cannabis product in MA. Yamna Cannagars are truly unlike any other pre rolled cannabis item available today. Give one a try and please make sure the tip is evenly lit before your adventure begins!