REQUIRES AN AIROPRO DEVICE (sold separately). Sativa TAC: 88.9% THC: 82.70% CBD: 0.2% CBG: 2.7% CBC: 1.9% CBN: 1% Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer .5g Cartridge Batch: AP-BlkMam-12142020-11 Crafted with Cannabis Distillate. Produced through Supercritical CO2 Extraction, Winterized with ETHO, followed by Wiped Film Distillation. Serving Size: 1 Serving=5mg – Number of Servings: 100 Per Cartridge Directions for Use: Take 1 puff for 2-5 seconds – inhale, exhale. Repeat as needed. Net Weight: (0.5g)/(0.017637 oz.) – Qty of Usable Marijuana: (2.46449g)/(0.08693 oz.) Packaged on: (1/25/2021) Produced By: Nature’s Remedy of Massachusetts, Inc. MP281524 Date of Creation: (12/14/2020) – Use by: (12/14/2021) This product was manufactured and produced in a facility that contains nuts, peanuts, dairy, fish and shellfish. This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings. WARNING: Vaporizer Products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled. Date of Testing: (12/14/2020) Manufacturer: Jupiter Research LLC Atomizer: Nichrome heating element with ceramic coil Hardware: Magnetic connector. Manufacturer Business Address: Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. Dongcai Industrial ParkGushu Town, Baoan District. Shenzhen, China. This product does not contain medium chain trigylcerides (MCT) or polyethylene glycol (PG) but was manufactured in a facility that contains MCT. If you wish to inspect a copy of the associated testing results of the product you are purchasing, please let your dispensary agent know and they will be happy to review them with you. Please save your product labels if you are requesting to review test results after the product was purchased. This product was produced using terpenes derived from sources other than cannabis. B-Myrcene 5.995mg 1.29455% D-Limonene 16.3895mg 3.33469% n-Hexyl acetate 2.3565mg 0.47505% Ethyl 2-methylbutyrate 1.785mg 0.36192% Ethyl Isobutyrate 1.548mg 0.2715% Isoamyl Butyrate 1.2285mg 0.24951% Ethyl isovalerate 0.9525mg 0.19311% alpha-Ionone 0.591mg 0.10365% Benzyl Butyrate 0.6345mg 0.11028% Raspberry Ketone 0.421mg 0.07383% Beta ionone 1.0085mg 0.1868% Anisyl acetate 1.7mg 0.26794% Ethyl butyrate 0.2mg 0.03998% a-Pinene 0.07mg 0.01358% Linalool 0.06mg 0.01164% Octanal 0.02mg 0.0041% 3-Carene 0.02mg 0.00392% Sabinene 0.01mg 0.00198% B-Pinene 0.01mg 0.00194%