Blueberry Pie cannabis-infused fruit chews Zesty, refreshing chews with natural fruit puree. 4.69mg THC per piece, 8 pieces per container 37.52mg THC per container VEGAN! WHAT IS APOSTROPHE? Apostrophe Edibles is Nature’s Remedy’s premium edibles line. An apostrophe indicates possession, a concept that underlies our mission. Our edibles are precisely dosed, allowing you to own your experience. Less unpredictability, more sophistication from each product. Our cannabis-infused creations are made with high quality cannabis extracts and premium ingredients to deliver an ideal edibles experience. Dosing Instructions: eat 1 chew (5mg), wait 30 mins to 2 hours for full effect and before consuming more. Ingredients: Blueberry puree, apple puree, pear puree, sugar, glucose, apple pectin, distillate. Allergen notice: food prepared here may contain soy, dairy, nuts, and gluten.