Borrello is an Archive Seed Bank cultivar crossing the prized Gelato 33 and Dosidos strains. The result is a Dosidos-dominant, indica leaning hybrid that has an earthy, cookie bouquet. It is named in honor of former Michigan Judge Stephen Borello. The road to obtaining a retail license in Michigan was a rocky one for many businesses. Out-of-state interests waged an expensive political campaign, attempting to build a monopoly in the cannabis industry by spreading the false narrative that cannabis cultivated by our hardworking Michigan caregivers, our friends and neighbors, was “dangerous.” They spent a fortune trying to get a court order to shut it all down. Judge Borrello of the Michigan Court of Claims, in his final days as a judge on the court, saw right through their act. He refused to capitulate to their demands, recognizing that there was no inherent problem with caregiver cannabis, ordered the State to allow caregivers to continue to operate, and refused to shut down provisioning centers. Ever since, the Michigan marijuana market has been a level playing field. Gone are the days of monopoly, turtle-paced regulation, and corruption. All thanks to the actions of one man: Judge Borello. Pure Michigan Hero.