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About proper drying of marijuana.

Even if the crop was harvested clearly at the right time, but the drying was not done properly, you can easily ruin the entire crop. So cannabis drying is not just a separate phase of cannabis work, but also an integral part of harvesting.

The quality of the drying process largely determines the effect that marijuana will have. The right approach preserves all the most important properties of the crop and can prevent the breakdown of THC, which can be a very big loss for growers.

Correct drying of marijuana 

It is recommended to adhere to certain conditions in the drying process:

The humidity in the room should be as stable as possible - around 55-60%;
The temperature is just below room temperature. Ideally from 18 to 20 degrees;
There should be no light at all. From the time of harvest until the lumps are sent for storage, it is advisable to minimize the impact of light on the lumps. Light on Time Harvest is the ultimate THC destroyer.
About proper drying of marijuana.

Groubox for growing marijuana.

Long before Harvest, it's worth considering a place to use for drying. One of the best places is the same cabinet or groubox for growing marijuana in the Indore. It will be easier to create optimal conditions: temperature, humidity, sufficient ventilation and total darkness. You will also need some items and tools for drying:

Items and tools for drying cannabis. 

Ropes or wire for hanging, you can also use a special grid;
Hygrometer and thermometer for temperature monitoring;
Sealed containers for further handling and storage (containers, cans or vacuum packaging).
Perhaps one of the basic requirements in the harvesting and drying of cannabis crops is to take your time. You have to work slowly and in stages. In order to dry the harvest, the plants are initially dried in their entirety and then (up to a month later) "manicured", leaving only buds and leaves on the stems. A few more days in this form, and the harvest is ready. But another drying method is also used, a little faster. In this case, the inflorescences are cut off from all unnecessary leaves right on the branches in a raw form and only then hung up for drying.

The duration of the drying process depends on the method used (drying the whole plant, the big branches or individual cones) and it must be selected based on the prevailing environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. In case of low temperature and high humidity, it is advisable to divide the plant into small parts and send it to dry after pre-trimming the leaves. At higher temperatures and lower humidity, it is better to dry the plant completely or in large branches and to manicure after drying. It is worth noting that dry buds are harder and longer to cut back from the leaves than fresh ones.
About proper drying of marijuana.

The first stage usually takes 3-5 days to several weeks, after which (or before) is done manicure and the cones are properly matured for another 2 weeks to several months. In any case, only with slow drying can the maximum disclosure of the healing and aromatic qualities of marijuana cones. Thanks to the long curing time, the most resins and terpenes in the lumps are released. All these processes require attention and patience, but the result is worth it.

Tip: If you do need to speed up the drying process a little to get the finished result faster, you can skin the plants every day. The quality of the final product will not be affected, but it will speed up the drying process for a few days.
About proper drying of marijuana.

Hemp buds leaking

Hemp baldness
During the drying process, not all moisture escapes from the lumps, if it occurs correctly. The buds themselves should retain some elasticity but not be too damp, the branches may crack slightly but should not break. After initial drying, the buds separated from the stems are placed without sealing in cans or containers and placed in a cool, dark place for several weeks. Once every 1-2 days, they should be lightly stirred and ventilated. This way, the residual moisture is evenly distributed in the flowers, allowing the buds to be stored for a long time. The cure also helps to slowly and fully form the necessary active compounds and to break down unnecessary substances such as chlorophyll. The most recent stage of the cure is ageing in the fridge or freezer, but the bumps can also be stored there for months or even years.

Harvesting cannabis is, despite certain difficulties, a joyful moment for the grower, as this is what he has been doing all along, taking care of the plants, from the small grain to the strong bushes. It will be especially gratifying to harvest when it is really big.