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Bigger and healthier

Germinator Kit features innovative scoop labels for safely & easily transplanting your plants to a larger containers. It comes with an extremely durable 10 cell tray, and germination soil. Perfect for developing a strong root system so your plants can grow big and healthy. 

The Beauty of Micro organisms

Microbes will strengthen young plants' defence systems, giving them the best chance to move into their next life stages with vigorous growth and in an ideal state of health. The Harvest Soil contains a unique blend of microbes known for their germination, development and protection properties. These include Mycorrhiza, Bacillus, Yeast and Enzymes, otherwise known as the guys best suited to defend your plants. 

The one negative with germinating in a smaller media is the risk of damaging the tap root when transplanting them into a larger container. With Germinator Kit you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Made from robust materials the label allows you to easily pull sprouts out of their cells without risking the health of the taproot. ! 

How To Use

Just place the labels in the tray, pour in your life-giving germination soil, plant the seed a knuckle deep, and water until soil is thoroughly moist. Sit back and watch as your little ones pop out and say hi.

Germinator Kit

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By R.d. P. posted on 2018-06-03

worked fine but not worth the cost wont buy again

By John c p. posted on 2017-04-18

A must have for a new grower and us veterans

By Bavo l. posted on 2017-03-27

get them well worth it if you have or had gem problems keep above 20 c at all times untill germinated

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