First 48 Marijuana Strain Review

The First 48 marijuana strain is a powerful choice for individuals looking to relax and fall asleep. It’s sativa-dominant, so it helps with stress and tension-related issues. Users like the relaxing high of this strain. It also grows fast, taking approximately eight weeks to fully mature. Buy First 48 at 6ix dispensary.

The debut of The First 48 strain was a sativa-dominant hybrid. However, while it starts with the typical sativa effects, it eventually provides the physical high associated with indica. Experienced users may manage to adapt to the impact of The First 48 by attempting to conduct their day in accordance to its influence. First 48 strain is good for making afghan gold seal hash.

If you employ it in the early afternoon, for example, you may have a productive period. The high should help you feel more relaxed as the evening draws near. By then, hopefully, you will have completed your full list of duties.

What Is the First 48 Strain?

First 48 was developed by crossing The White with Orange Blossom Trail with Swamp Boys Seeds.

The most important aspect of the First 48 is its ability to help you achieve a state of mind separation, which allows your brain to clear and focus. Your mind will begin to clear as you start feeling more refreshed. You’ll notice that all negative and distracting ideas have been pushed to one side.

The first euphoric buzz wears off after a while, and you’ll become calm and maybe drowsy. Users frequently report becoming distracted easily and would rather sleep on a sofa or bed than do anything else. Try the First 48 strain in the late afternoon or early evening.


When it comes to fragrance, the First 48 marijuana strain is quite distinct from its parent strain, The White. It has an earthy skunk smell with a herbal lemon character. When broken up, First 48 develops a very strong odor that becomes even more pungent.

The aroma of burning first 48 is particularly therapeutic. It fills the air with herbal freshness and allows the fresher lemon side of the strain to come through. The scent can be overpowering and may be hard to remove from surfaces.


The flavor profile of the First 48 is light and refreshing, which is probably due to Orange Blossom Trail. It has a smooth smoke that makes it simple to take big draws and fully enjoy the freshness.

Some smokers taste a mild sourness in the first 48 puffs, which surprises them. It does not, however, detract from the pleasant flavor profile that each puff delivers.


The First 48 buds are oblong in shape and generally have a deep forest green color. Each bud is also peppered with thin brown pistils that give it a mottled appearance. The pistils provide the plant a more muted overall look and help it blend in effortlessly among other plants. With their brilliant green color, the leaves make up for the lack of color in the buds.

First 48 Strain Grow Info

The First 48 is a fast-growing strain with an average flowering time of eight weeks. Because to its quick growth, it’s possibly a good choice for novices. You can grow First 48 either indoors or outside, depending on your climate. It performs best in a moderate to hot climate and may be reproduced easily inside. Plants kept within reduce the risk of pests and mold problems significantly.

You may buy First 48 strain seeds online, and they are widely accessible depending on your location. You can also germinate from cuttings. It’s typically regarded as a more advantageous way for novices to grow. It usually produces a more predictable and consistent growth experience.

THC Content – Highest Test

The first 48 cannabis has a THC content of 29% that is higher than the average. As a result, while it is appropriate for beginners, novices should look for a marijuana strain with a lesser THC concentration. Some people believe that the high THC concentration is to blame for the sudden drop in energy at the end of the experience.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The first 48 ingredients in the CBD isolate formula do not contain more than 10 mg of CBD per dosage. In reality, it is most likely close to 0.1% rather than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the First 48 Strain

The First 48 is a cannabis strain that can help with physical pain, particularly headaches. The strain’s strength may aid in the reduction of pain while also providing a burst of energy. Users with insomnia may benefit from the sedative nature of First 48 at the end of the high.

The mood-boosting effects of the First 48 make it appealing for stress and melancholy. It may help you relax by clearing your head. The first enthusiasm you experience might also assist you finish your daily duties more quickly.

Don’t be fooled by the First 48’s immediate uplifting effects, which make you feel energized. A comedown is unavoidable, and it will leave you calm and possibly sluggish.

Possible Side Effects of the First 48 Strain

If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety, it’s best to avoid First 48 since its extremely high THC content might aggravate your symptoms. In this case, the strain may raise your heart rate, which is likely to exacerbate nervous or even paranoid worries. Users with a low THC tolerance who take in large doses of this strain might get dizzy as a result of its strength.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are just two of the First 48’s less serious adverse effects. Both should only last a few hours and will have no long-term impact on your health.

Final Thoughts on the First 48 Strain

The cerebral high from THC elevates. The strain’s name comes from the fact that it is one of the First 48 varieties developed by Dr. Roger Hutchinson in 1974. Due to its high THC content, it is referred to as a heavy hitter. It may seem like a roller coaster ride for those who are unfamiliar with marijuana. Within a few hours, you can go from being productive and motivated to completely relaxed.

The First 48 combine a unique combination of freshness and citrus aroma and taste. It also has a pungent odor that’s hard to remove.

First 48 is a medicinal strain that contains several advantages that make it worth considering when researching medical strains. First 48 may help you feel better and decrease pain.