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Why Nirvana Shop?


Nirvana is safe

We will never sell, show, lend or give your personal details to anyone. Our website has been found fully secure over and over again.

Nirvana is reliable

Nirvana has been in the business of (cross)breeding strains and selling cannabis seeds for almost 20 years.

Nirvana is offering fresh seeds

We aren't just an ordinary seed bank. All our seeds are being shipped straight from the source.

Nirvana is stealthy

Nirvana specializes in stealth shipments. All orders are wrapped securely and discreetly to ensure they reach you safely.

Nirvana is economical

Nirvana offers the best prices on seeds, gives a lot benefits with each order and runs regular special offers.

Nirvana is customer-friendly

We are the first seedbank to take its customers seriously. Our dedicated support team guarantees full customer satisfaction.

Nirvana is informative

We keep our customers informed through immediate confirmation e-mails at each stage of the order process.

Why Nirvana Shop?

Nirvana is social

We really cares about you. You'll find us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on various other social networks.

Nirvana is innovative

Nirvana brings you several innovative and handy growth solutions to make the most of your seeds.

Nirvana is simply the best

Nirvana offers the highest quality seeds at the best prices, with over 30 types of top-notch cannabis strains.