Wookie Girl – 1g THCa

Wookie Girl Indica strain is a flower smoker’s dream and a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and the White strains. As you would expect with GSC strains, Wookie Girl weed showcases heavy, dense buds, with an over-all dark green coloration, speckled with light green hues towards the center. Another creation of Tierra Rojo, crossing the Wookie 91 (GSC x White 91) and Valley Girl resulted in a truly unique variety. With a floral and gassy undertone with a soothing hint of raspberry, this cultivar will leave you relaxed yet awake. Not to be mistaken with Bodhi’s Wookie. Properly grown and cured, Wookie Girl buds are sprinkled with white trichomes that are infused through every inch. The orange hairs are undeniable, and you can literally see the THC nodes protruding through each nug.

Wookie Girl flower is one of a kind but resembles most GSC strain’s lineage. The deep, pungent flavor from a green bowl is amazing. The terpene profile is vast and takes you for a ride from the inhale to the exhale, every time. The taste is earthy, with berry nodes, and a pleasantly pungent flavor lingers in your lungs and on your tongue long after you exhale. It won’t take long to feel the euphoric effect that starts with a mild, uplifting feeling that leaves you stimulated, softly. But the body part of the effect follows shortly, and it can leave you comatose if you’re not used to Indica cannabis strains. In general, Indica strains are a big part of patient care, due to the relaxing body effects that are a great to treat many symptoms and conditions. People report the most success using this strain at nighttime, or whatever there’s nothing important to do; at least until you’re familiar with the effects which can be powerful at first. Getting to sleep at night will not be a problem after a quick hit. This concentrate tests at 81.77% THCa with 0.90 terpenes.